Emotional Logic and Resilience

Emotional Logic

Learning Partners use the term Emotional Logic to describe how human beings link values with logic and how values affect your mood, motivation, and decision-making.

Learning Partners has completed unique research into values using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a framework. Our findings identified very reliable patterns of values and the degree to which each type typically prioritises values.

Learning Partners has published the Emotional Logic for each type and this can help you to:

  • Operate from a constructive frame of mind.
  • Make the most of your unique intelligence.
  • Be self-aware about your values and respect those of others.
  • Manage your reactions and improve your impact.
  • Influence, cooperate and resolve conflict.
  • Improve relationships.

You can also use Emotional Logic to analyse culture and develop values for teams and organisations.



Resilience is the combined ability of your body and brain to recover from stress and to continue functioning at an optimum level. It enables you to feel good about yourself and others and leads to better performance under pressure. Resilience comes from self-awareness and self-management, ‘realistic optimism’, and calm reasoning.

Thousands of people have contributed to Learning Partners’ interpretation of how each MBTI type can best avoid and manage stress, which we have developed into a practical tool-kit. Depending on your values and preferences, your colleagues and your working environment can be a source of either stress or energy. Our tool-kit contains a set of typical energisers and stressors for each type that enables you to tailor your approach to managing stress and build your resilience.