Change and Innovation


The Challenge

Drivers for organisational change and transformation can come from threats such as falling revenue, reduced market share, and increased competition, or from opportunities for innovation and improvement. How do you implement the right amount of change at the appropriate pace to mitigate threats and maximise opportunities? How do you ensure that the culture and style of your organisation create the environment for success?

The Cost of Stasis

If threats are not tackled and opportunities missed your organisation will probably experience failing targets, falling revenue, reduced market share, increased competition, damage to branding and a disengaged workforce.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

Benefits and Outcomes

Working with us, organisations are able to define very specifically the outcomes for change, communicate these clearly across the whole organisation, and take fast and integrated action to make the minimum change for the maximum improvement in performance.

Organisations use our tools to monitor and embed change at all levels with minimum disruption of day-to-day business activities and maximum focus on excellence.


What We Offer

Learning Partners has developed a range of innovative products and services to define integrated and effective organisational change programmes. These are based on extensive practical experience as well as leading-edge knowledge of the neuroscience of innovation and creative thinking. Our expertise in facilitation equips people to speak openly, share new ideas, admit mistakes, manage strong emotions and feel comfortable with ambiguity or lack of knowledge.  These behaviours build personal resilience to the target-driven culture of today’s organisations and are key to successful change and innovation.


Our most popular services are:

Leadership of Change Management

Training in change management skills and change modules in wider skills programmes.

Creative Brain Toolkit

This workshop teaches techniques to maximize creative thinking, innovation and decision-making in the face of ambiguity.  We extract theories from up-to-date research and publications in applied neuroscience and turn them into them practical techniques for the workplace.  The Toolkit can be included as part of a wider skills or Team Effectiveness programme.

Facilitation of Away Days and Workshops

We help teams and groups work through challenging threats and achieve innovative solutions e.g. via ‘away days’ and workshops.  We generate a sense of ‘psychological safety’ that is essential for true innovative thinking.

Transition Coaching

One-to-one coaching session(s) enable you to identify the challenges, focus on and be confident about your strengths, and find the resources you need to be respond to change and be successful quickly.

Interpersonal Toolkit

Training in fundamental interpersonal skills such as assertiveness, rapport, empathy, managing information, communication, managing time, giving feedback.  We personalise the advice for different personality types to ensure consistent improvements.

Team Building and Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness Workshops, which take a team through the process of implementing change.    

Change and Innovation Resources