Culture and Values

The Challenge

If people engage with culture and values then the organisation really gains momentum; if there is a disconnect between what is said and what is done, people can become cynical and disaffected.  The challenge is to make culture and values clearly understood and applied, so people know what their organisation stands for and what is expected of them.  

The Cost of Unclear Values

Change, mergers and reorganisations all create the potential for a clash of cultures, values and a lack of clarity.  Your brand is damaged; employees and clients no longer have a consistent experience.  People don’t work together effectively, don’t see clear role models of the behaviours required, and don’t engage with the organisation’s mission, vision, and goals. This drains energy and motivation, which results in the organisation stagnating.

Benefits and Outcomes

We define the minimum amount of change necessary to achieve the maximum impact. We develop and communicate the target behaviours that represent your culture and values to create a compelling message, which flows consistently from the top to the bottom of your organisation. Teamwork improves; customers, partners, and suppliers see a positive shift in their experience. As a result you will harness everyone’s individual contribution to get the most out of your business and create a consistent brand identity.


What We Offer

Learning Partners has developed a unique Emotional Logic Tool-kit, which combines neuroscience based understanding of how values drive behaviour with unique research that enables us to identify the core values of your people.

We use this practical and scientific methodology and our expertise in fact-finding workshops to define and describe your organisation’s values in a way that ‘sticks’ for your people and clarifies the behaviours that you want to see. We help you to create a ‘tipping point’ that moves you towards your desired culture. We signpost your strengths, and uncover the myths that block change.


Our most popular products are:

Values and Competency Framework Design

To identify their values, express them in behaviours and implement them with simple and well-structured competency frameworks 

Performance Management

Simple and practical performance management processes with clear documentation to train your managers in skills to make them successful.

Psychometrics (e.g. MBTI)

Individual profiling  to help link their core values to those of your organisation.  This is often part of workshops and team events to implement values.


Other Culture and Values services are:


To help achieve behavioural change, with increased self-awareness, greater resilience, less stress and greater productivity.

Communication Strategies

Consultancy services to help leaders convey critical messages about values and culture.

Leadership Programmes

To support culture change as leaders are essential role models for values.

Talent Management

Including assessment centres for selection or development, performance management training and interview guides.

Team Building and Team Effectiveness Workshops

Workshops tailored to address the challenges of implementing values within teams and developing behaviours that are congruent with the values.

Culture and Values Resources