Effective Teams

The Challenge

Today’s corporate environment is fast-paced and complex. People work in complicated team structures: matrix, virtual, multi-functional, project, and global. This can create challenges in how they build relationships, align and manage priorities, and deliver against their objectives.

Does your organisation have teams with a clear understanding of purpose and direction operating effectively together? Does every team have a coach - an outsider who provides insight and feedback - to build trust, minimise and manage conflict, increase efficiency and save time and money?

The Cost of Poor Teamwork

All too often barriers to communication build up, creating ‘silos’ that block efficient ways of working and contribute towards the development of a blame culture. Team building and team effectiveness are crucial to a company's success.

Benefits and Outcomes

We improve inter-team relationships as well as those with customers and suppliers. We help teams make transformational shifts to eliminate ‘silo’ behaviour and achieve significant benefits in efficiency and productivity. A good exanple of this is our recent work with the Crossrail Project teams.

When people work in teams that can handle challenges, solve problems, and resolve conflicts, those teams are able to deliver much more than the sums of their individuals.

When teams work together effectively they create efficiencies across the organisation, saving time, money and resources, and delivering operational excellence.


What We Offer

Learning Partners has been working with teams for more than 20 years and has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the attributes and actions that define high-performing teams. In our experience, each team has a unique dynamic and culture. We skilfully apply our Team Effectiveness Model, Diagnostics and Tool-kit to uncover issues and tailor solutions to achieve the outcomes unique to each team. We guide and support teams through the development of relevant, sustainable, and effective ways of working together, using our experience and some of the latest thinking in neuroscience.


Our most popular services are:

Team Effectiveness Diagnostic & Workshops

Our unique team diagnostic profiling a team’s strengths and areas for development, followed by workshops based around real work challenges that improve team-working within the team and with other teams e.g. customers and suppliers.

Team Coaching

Short one-to-one sessions facilitating better relationships and helping the team to work well together and with their leader.  

Performance (Role) Profiling

We have a very effective and practical process for identifying what is expected of each team member and ensuring that all the roles interconnect logically.

Psychometrics e.g. MBTI

We profile individuals and use our experience to help them understand how to work effectively with other team members.

Creative Brain Toolkit

A set of techniques taught in a workshop to maximize creative thinking, innovation and decision-making in the face of ambiguity.  We extract theories from up-to-date research and publications in applied neuroscience and turn them into them practical techniques for the workplace.  The Toolkit can be included as part of a Team Effectiveness programme.

Interpersonal Toolkit

A set of techniques ttaught in a workshop to improve fundamental interpersonal skills such as assertiveness, rapport, empathy, managing information, communication, managing time, giving feedback.  We personalise the advice for different personality types to ensure consistent improvements.

Effective Teams Resources