Operational Excellence

The Challenge

Organisations strive to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and deliver excellent results. To make effective decisions people need to know what is expected of them, where they fit into an organisation as a whole, and how well they are meeting goals or expectations. How do you make this happen in the face of stiff competition, high customer expectations and conflicting priorities? Is your organisation fit for purpose? Does it have the skills and values required? Does the culture meet the needs?

The Cost of Poor Operational Performance

This will threaten the core activity of any organisation and is often the sign that other aspects are not working right e.g. leadership, teamwork, culture.  Poor efficiency becomes a vicious circle, attrition increases putting pressure on remaining employees who can cope even less.

Benefits and Outcomes

With clear goals and purpose it is easier to focus on key business priorities and to make sure that solutions take account of the bigger picture. With clear structure and responsibilities people feel empowered to make effective decisions and to hold themselves accountable for the results. This is motivating and rewarding, and is a key factor in creating high engagement.

When leaders see that people are accountable for quality results, are aligned with the organisation’s goals, and have clear priorities, they have confidence that people are on the right track.

When people feel trusted to get on with ‘doing’ rather than ‘measuring’, they work hard and productivity increases, saving time, costs and resources. This is operational excellence.


What We Offer

We are excellent at introducing structure and logic into an organisation so that its functions interrelate clearly and cooperation is encouraged.  We have extensive experience of clearly describing roles and accountabilities in a wide range of functions within many industries and in organisations from small to global.


Our most popular products are:

Performance Profiling Tool-kit

A unique, integrated, and dynamic system used in short structured workshops to create clear goals and targets and structured roles and responsibilities. This helps to align goals and roles throughout your organisation, from strategic to operational levels.  

Team Effectiveness Diagnostic & Workshops

Our unique team diagnostic profiles a team’s strengths and areas for development followed by short workshops, based around real work challenges that improve team-working within the team and with other teams e.g. customers and suppliers.

Performance Management

We design simple and practical performance management processes with clear documentation that links to the Performance Profiles.  We can train your managers in skills to make it successful.

Facilitation of Away Days and Conferences

Tailored design and management of specific ‘away day’ and launch events, often based around operational issues where the outcome is to design new ways of working.



Operational Excellence Resources