Talent Management

The Challenge

Organisations need to nurture and develop talented people, and have fit-for-purpose ‘people processes’ and tools so that workers can operate to their highest capability and respond positively to new challenges.

The Cost of Neglecting Talent

Unfortunately many organisations have people who are not performing to their full capacity. Some organisations overlook talent; some fail to have the right skills at the right time; some suffer from poor engagement or high attrition and end up losing valuable knowledge and experience; some do not deal pro-actively with under-performers.

Benefits and Outcomes

We tailor our tool-kits to your organisational culture. This focused approach means that people quickly and specifically identify what to learn and how to unblock obstacles to learning. They increase their resilience, confidence, and skill. They learn on the job and deliver immediate results, saving time and money. They retain their learning over time, providing a substantial and long-term return on investment.


What We Offer

Learning Partners has built a comprehensive suite of products and services for on and off-the-job development.  We design and deliver integrated learning programmes for people at all levels, from executive coaching for senior leaders and experienced professionals to assessment centres for graduates and apprentices. Underpinning these products and services is our Emotional Logic Tool-kit – a combination of our own unique research into the core values and behaviours of different personality types, leading-edge neuroscience, and a deep knowledge of how to embed learning effectively.


Our most popular products are: 

Talent Management Model with Integrated People Processes

Best practice guides and templates for processes such as recruitment, performance management, and career development that can be implemented as designed or tailored to your organisation.

e-Learning Pathways

Interactive web-based modular software to help embed new skills and reinforce learning, including feedback from a Learning Partners mentor. It is designed to address the 70 in the 70:20:10 learning principle.

Performance Management with On-Line Development Toolkit

An end-to-end solution for businesses that do not have dedicated HR resources.  We licence the use of our on-the-job development guide linked to a well-designed competency framework, which is in turn linked to a performance management system with guides and templates.


We offer single or multiple in face-to-face, telephone or online.


Other Talent Management services include:

Assessment & Development Centres

1-2 day events designed to observe and assess behaviours in simulations of real-life scenarios within the organisation.  Often used to recruit new talent, assess leadership potential and develop core skills in key talent groups; e.g. sales, project management, people managers.

Graduate Development

A programme to harness the initiative and innovation of new graduates and prevent ‘burn out’ or stagnation.  We also train managers in how to manage their new graduate.

Interpersonal Toolkit

Workshops to teach interpersonal skills such as assertiveness, rapport, empathy, managing information, communication, managing time, and giving feedback.  

Creative Brain Toolkit

Workshops to teach techniques to maximize creative thinking, innovation and decision-making in the face of ambiguity.  We extract theories from up-to-date research and publications in applied neuroscience and turn them into them practical techniques for the workplace.  The Toolkit can be included as part of a wider skills or Team Effectiveness programme

Talent Management Resources