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Improved Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

“A record number of on-time deliveries on all our major projects due to an increase of 400% in manufacturing output, with defects reduced by 93%.”

“Our best financial performance for the last 20 years, with improved cash flow and margin, reduced inventory and material workflow.”

“A change from reactive to proactive in terms of quality, with less fire-fighting.”

Improved Collaboration and Trust 

"I am definitely seeing more collaboration. This leads to less escalation, email noise, unwanted work, and better solutions.  Just based on the noise I no longer get I would extrapolate this across my team as being a full time equivalent – 35 hours a week and circa £50k per annum."

Team morale has improved, and people are more willing to share information and knowledge.”

“Project Core Teams have created and improved their own team spirit / team culture with multinational team members, and worked effectively with different teams, and virtual teams located all over the world in our complex matrix organisation."

More Effective Leaders and Managers

“Managers have started handling difficult situations with people, including mental health issues. They are better equipped to have quality conversations.” ​

“Managers are helping people to experience a reduction in stress even when things are tough.”

Improved Engagement, Empowerment, and Accountability 

“People take more responsibility for tasks at their own level, and for solving problems themselves, increasing individual accountability for delivering results.” 

“Fewer operational issues are escalated to senior management, unless they require senior endorsement or support. Managers are dealing with people problems. Senior managers now have more time to deal with strategic concerns and aims.”

“Engagement with Route Teams has improved, even with current planning issues the relationships are strong.”

Increased Capability and People Development

“People have been able to develop their skills and knowledge and take on greater responsibility, thereby increasing staff capability and developing staff potential. This is important as it should provide greater resource capacity.” 

“There is feedback from senior management as to noticeable changes in project efficiency and behaviour”

Reduced Waste and Costs

“The team has reduced non-value-add activities by 50%, increased productivity and decreased the build hours per car by over 30% year on year without increasing staff numbers.”

"We have seen failure rates reduce from 55% to less than 10% in 6 months and have formed an alliance approach - all of which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Learning Partners."

“People are problem solving in a calm and reasonable manner, considering more factors, e.g. the long-term impact, lessons learned, and impact on other parts of the business. They are finding better solutions and reducing re-work."

This is what our clients have said:

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